Yes, I am Creative - The 21-Day Guide

Yes, I am Creative - The 21-Day Guide


The biggest myth I want to debunk about this guide is that it is NOT a how-to be talented or gifted in the arts. The truth: "creative" or not - I believe creativity is an expression of our freest, truest selves.

The question becomes: do you want to be free?

Devotional-style. Action-oriented. Practical and perspective-shaping. This resource might be for you if, you:

✨ Want to live the fullest life, but feel stuck in patterns that don't serve you.
✨ Aren't sure or are totally sure you're "creative".
✨ Know you are made for more than your present circumstances and are beginning to realize that there's undiscovered areas of your heart.
✨ Are ready to start evaluating and shaking up how you spend your time and energy (mind, body + soul) to reflect a lifestyle that serves you rather than drains you.
✨ Love the fluff and all, but are ready for the good stuff: hard work, honesty + truth bombs.
✨ Need a lil' push, some tough love, accountability and thrive in a "I see you" environment with other women working through the same stuff.

if any of those resonated, you know what to do.


  • Redefinition of “creativity”, practical tools to cultivate accountability and sustainability

  • The full 21 keys x action steps

  • Freebies G A L O R E:

    • The insider Facebook Community Group to go through the 21-day journey together (STARTING JULY 8)***

    • A 21-day guided prayer journal

    • Four phone/Instagram wallpapers

*** = I have so many good things planned for this group. It's going to be wild. There are more freebies planned too, but it’s a secret 😉...

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