There's just so much.

I believe in real conversation.

In stirring the deep parts of our heart.

In engaging with others.

In vulnerability + being brave.

In intention + presence.

this is why I love making time for you:

Monthly conversation

Once a week/weekend night

Local to Ottawa? Young adult? Come explore our city's coffee shops, meet our fam, engage in #deepchats and add your presence to this little community in a way no one else could.

With love, Workshop

A few times a year

I love people. I love investing in them and their talents. I love discovery and helping people be better, healthier and happier versions of themselves. That's why I want to introduce these small, local + online workshops for self-discovery in all sorts of topics.

Coming soon


We decide

Craving to to dig into your passions, your self growth, your holistic health ... but don't know where to start? Let's work together! These one-on-ones are perfect for individuals who come alive from soul searching.

So, I have a dream ... To lead you into wholeness + freedom.

I am a communicator, writer, lover of conversation and certified health and life coach. 

Hey girl, is coaching the next step for you?