I believe in real life.

In showing up.

In face to face.

In vulnerability + being brave.


Community at its finest

Local to Ottawa? Believer? Young adult? Whether you’ve been here your entire life or just moved into the city, I’d love to save ya a seat on a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening at Hillsong. Come meet the fam + build life-long friendships. It changed my life.

Small group Workshops

Invite me to speak + teach

I love investing in people and their talents. I love seeing others be healthier and happier versions of themselves. That's the why behind these small, local + online workshops for self-discovery. (small groups only. get in touch for details)


life + health coaching

Craving to to dig into your passions, your self growth, your holistic health ... but don't know where to start? Let's work together! These 50 min one-on-ones are perfect for those who want to come alive + do some soul searching.

So, I have a dream ... To lead you into wholeness + freedom.

I am a communicator, writer, lover of conversation and certified health and life coach. 

Hey girl, is coaching the next step for you?