Q: What do you do on the day-to-day?

I dip my toes in a lot of different rivers, so to speak-- all at the same time. I'm human, though, and sometimes I burn out and just need a good cry, especially if I feel like what I'm up to isn't meaningful and lights up my life (ya feel?). I am constantly learning how to steward everything in my hands, well. I want to overflow with love, while still full.

Q: Where do you see yourself later on?

Fantastic question. I have different ideas in mind, and some include: freelance reporting, novel writing, owning my own creative business and life/holistic health coaching. I love words, but I also love people too much. It's about having about open hands, a ready heart and willing ears.

Q: What are a few of your favourite things?

Tea diffusing in hot water. Coffee beans stirring in a grinder. Cacti and succulents. My essential oils. Fresh air after a rain. Relationships with people. Laughing and crying with them. Mountains. My sense of humour. The Holy Homie. Meditating. Books, books, books. Sneaking away from 'adulting' to be creative instead. Experimenting. Living off the grid in random bursts. Dancing. Pinterest. Leo.

Q: When/where do you feel at your best?

Short answer: when I've had enough time to recharge (any other INFJs + Type 4s?), write and reflect in pretty places about beautiful things.

Long(er) answer: even though I'm a true introvert, I also NEED to be around people, coffee shops and meaningful, deep conversations with others who are willing to share their heart with me, and vice versa.  The other obvious things that everyone tells you will make you feel happy and healthy - but really do work - are: eating well, sleeping enough and creating a routine that has room for the spontaneous. Space to breathe, yo.

Q: Are you a spiritual person?

I love that phrase- in short, yes. I believe in God- our Pappa- who loves us so incredibly much, and we get to experience that love every day we have breathe in our lungs. I believe in believing the best about people and loving them exactly where they're at. I believe every heart has something to offer, something I can learn from. I believe choosing not to see them in the wholeness and beauty that they are, now, is a loss. Knowing true Love has opened me up to live in ways so free it's hard to put into permanent words.

Q: I have a question ... how can I get in touch with you?

I looove questions. Yes please. Email me at c.vezarov (at) gmail.com.