heart. habits. harmony.


We define ourselves by two identity-shaping components: heart and habit: who we are on the inside (our thoughts + emotions) and what we do in the physical world (our daily, tangible life).

When we live on autopilot, a form of harmony— disharmony— runs its natural course. I’ve lived the latter, and it’s no fun… it’s destructive, actually.

Disrupting our patterns, idle heart and unhealthy habits is serious work. You don’t just stumble upon intentional living and healthy rhythms. Harmony is not simply found, it’s cultivated.

And I believe it’s best done in partnership.


Enter coaching:


Y O U experience your life in a “subjective” state: your eyes, your thoughts and your responses.

A coach is your objective perspective: holding you to the vision of who you want to be, reminding you when you lose sight of the habits and heart and the (loving) kick in the butt when things go off-course.

Enter: co-creation. Our time together is sacred and beautiful. Coaching is a unique partnership between coach and client where sustainable change and healthy rhythms are discovered, road-mapped and walked out together. 

Learn more about the process of heart, habits + harmony.


The Kind of Women I work WIth

Hey girl, You:

  • Know you’re worth it: maybe it hasn’t sunk in head-to-heart yet, but you know you were created to matter + have impact.

  • Hhave incredible potential, big dreams and goals waiting to be sprung into existence and out of hibernation mode.

  • Aren’t looking for a quick fix (#BeenThereDoneThat). You’re looking for sustainability and confidence.

What will we do in our sessions?

  • Discover a vision for your future that you can start working towards. Today.

  • Uncover specific problem areas that make you feel stuck or stop you in your tracks. Today.

  • Create powerful breakthroughs, step by step, that will generate inevitable success. Today.