“I believe you’re worth it.

I believe the healthiest, fullest version of you is exactly what the world needs.”

Oh, hey human: my name is Christine.

I'm a twenty-something self-proclaimed learner of life, wanna-be word poet and grace addict. I love people. Give me meaningful conversation and a hot drink, and I’m content as can be.

You may have found me while I was wearing one of these hats: writer, lifestyle coach, fake extrovert, plant-obsessed weirdo and creative human.

much love, Christine.


Growing up, my health and personal life was pretty smooth. There was loads of laughter.

Everything changed in 2015... my picturesque life came to a screeching halt.

Beneath the surface, I began battling with depression, among some other health problems and issues. I was so afraid of the fear of what people would think— and didn’t share this with anyone. I hid in shame and doubt, and isolated myself.

I am a fighter though, and I believe that your story, as well as mine, matters.

Through undeserved heavenly Grace, a posture of gratitude and looking for H E L P— I now live fully-awake and conscious toward a lifestyle full of health, wholeness and authenticity.

My story is riddled with so much redemption, healing + love.

It’s hard not to want to share that freedom with others.

People are my passion.

Change is possible, beauty is just around the corner and you are worth it.

So Has anyone told you lately that…

your heart is r e a l good?

I'm a hardcore dreamer, but also realist. That's how this whole fancy website came to be: I believe in serving + loving people where they're at; in one-on-ones and living our most authentic, present and creative life. It’s my passion to show you you’re worthy of this too, I won’t deny it.